Yoga of Voice for
Chanters, lesson 3:

Indian Classical Intro

with Gina Salá

Dip into the ocean of vocal wisdom and beginning practices of Indian Classical Music with Gina Salá, and sing the sweet invocation Twameva Sarvam.

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Nada Brahma: Sound as God (3 min)
watch video 1
The beginning note of your singing practice (7 min)
watch video 2
If you opt to sing from Sa at the A-note, this video teaches that scale. (11 min)
watch video 3
A Classical Indian singing exercise using the lower octave to stabilize the voice. (10 min)
watch video 4
Shortened guided practice from A. (17 min)
watch video 5
Lyrics and pronunciation for Trameva Sarvam. (10 min)
watch video 6
Sing this sweet invocation from Gina Salá's album "Grace has the Scent of a Rose." (10 min)
watch video 7