Harmonium 110

Intro to Sargam

with Daniel Tucker

Get introduced to Sargam, the musical language of India. Daniel also covers keyboard fingering and introduces the first Sargam exercise, "groups of three."

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What is Sargam, and why is it so important? Explains what this course will cover. (2 min)
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Not a glamorous subject, but extremely important for all keyboard-instrument players. (5 min)
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Learn to play and sing the sargam note names of the major scale, up and down. (16 min)
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The first sargam exercise, "groups of three." Learn it slow, then speed it up! (15 min)
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A nice slow, supportive practice session to get comfortable with the new exercise. (6 min)
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Get introduced to a few important aspects of how sargam is written on a songsheet. (16 min)
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