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"It was my heart's longing to be able to sing, chant and play the harmonium as an expression of Bhakti yoga and Daniel was the key for me to unlock the door to my heart's desire."  — Sianna Sherman

"I don't read music, and am not a musician. All my life I've dreamed of playing keyboards and singing. Finally that dream has come true - and I am in love with my new harmonium practice!"  — Lee Brock

"Daniel's patience blended with attention to detail has given me a solid foundation in how to use the harmonium. I feel lucky to have him as my teacher."  — Jason Nemer

"Daniel, you are an exceptional teacher. You make it very easy to understand the music, and also very encouraging to practice. Of course, the work of practicing is now up to me!"  — Rosita Rooney

"Daniel, thank you. Your spirit and energy are truly inspiring. I'm trying to practice daily, and sometimes lose track of time and spend a couple of hours at it. Loving it!"  — Dwayne Resnick

"Thanks to your harmonium lessons, I was able to learn this music system and teach it at a children's home in Vatsalya Udayan, India. Excellent work you are doing, Daniel."  — Ursula Ganaehr

"Daniel is a master teacher. He shows how to blend the Indian and Western ways of playing harmonium. I've had these lessons for a few months and keep finding new things in it to help me improve."  — Keith Villanueva

"Daniel is a very inspiring teacher, he is patient and joyful, and I always come out uplifted and grateful. Just after a few months, I am now able to play the harmonium when teaching yoga. I love it!"  — Charu Rachlis

"I had a beautiful harmonium practice this morning and want you to know that I am so grateful for what I learned from you. Playing my harmonium has become a sacred practice to me."  — Heidi Rayden

"Daniel Tucker is the hero of aspiring harmonium playing Kirtan singers! Go to him for guidance!"  — Jai Uttal

"Daniel has an amazing gift of understanding the needs of musicians and the questions that come up at many different levels of ability. His teaching style is simple, direct and playful. "  — Terra Gold

"I highly recommend Daniel as a guide to the land of harmonium playing!"  — Daniel Paul, tabla player with Jai Uttal

"The combination of Daniel's musical skills plus his enthusiasm for devotional practice makes the process of learning to lead kirtan super accessible and fun!"  — Sarah Bergman

Learning kirtan on harmonium is Easy and Fun,

when you've got the right program to guide you.

What if you could learn to rock the kirtan squeeze box
just like your favorite kirtan singers,
after only a couple months of practice?

      » Learn multiple kirtan songs, and gain the tools for learning many more.

        Understand the chords and scales at the heart of kirtan music, and learn to read kirtan song sheets.

      » Deepen your relationship to the divine names.

        Open your heart and sing it out, every day.

      » Connect with friends through music and song.

        Gain confidence in your singing voice, develop your rhythm, and feel comfortable playing in public.

      » Fall in love with your harmonium, guitar or tabla practice.

        Re-kindle the excitement of sitting down at your harmonium to practice and chant.

Hey there chant lovers,

      My name is Daniel Tucker. The Bhakti Breakfast Club was born from my desire to learn harmonium, and my journey of discovering what's essential for playing kirtan.

      When I was growing up in Connecticut, our home had a music room instead of a living room, filled with hundreds of instruments from all over the world. So it's no wonder that by the time I was 21, I was performing in jazz and world music ensembles, and teaching kids' music classes.

      I've learned many different musical instruments in my life, and I know how crucial high-quality guidance from a caring teacher is. So when I fell in love with kirtan seven years ago and bought a harmonium, naturally I started looking around for some guidance on how to play it.

      I found very little!

      I met a few people who had harmoniums and played kirtan, but they mostly played intuitively and had a very limited repetoire. After learning the little I could from them, I got stuck.

      I tried googling "harmonium lessons" or "how to play Krishna Das songs on harmonium," and found nothing. Most of what was online about harmonium and kirtan was a mess. It was either very informal and not so helpful, or posted from India, and hard for a westerner like myself to understand. So I spent that first year struggling with my harmonium, listening to kirtan albums and live kirtan musicians, and drawing on my musical background to figure out what was happening musically.

      Eventually, I found out about Jai Uttal's kirtan camp, a week long bhakti retreat, and decided to attend. Little did I know, the camp would completely change my life!

      Most of our time at camp was spent with Jai leading us in hour after hour of the sweetest, most delicious kirtans. In between, he would tell enthralling stories from the Ramayana (Jai is a master storyteller), and hold question-and-answer sessions about bhakti, Indian music, saints, and deities. It was an amazing immersion into the many aspects of bhakti, but with so many topics to cover, we weren't able to delve as deeply into learning the harmonium as I had hoped. So whenever I could, I'd sneak a peek at Jai's hand on the harmonium, drawing on my musical background to decipher what he was playing during the kirtans.

      I noticed that some other camp participants had brought their shiny new harmoniums too, and they also weren't getting quite as much harmonium instruction as they had hoped. At the end of the retreat, I mentioned that if anybody wanted to get more help specifically with playing harmonium, I would be available.

      Three people instantly took me up on it, and I began holding informal harmonium lessons at my home. It wasn't such a transition from the piano lessons I already taught professionally, and soon more and more people were seeking me out for harmonium lessons. I began to study with Classical Indian music teachers living in my area, which gave me an understanding of the Indian musical mentality, although none of them taught kirtan specifically.

      I craved a sense of connection to an authentic musical-spiritual lineage. I was able to help my harmonium students a fair amount, but I felt limited in my knowledge of traditional Indian styles of playing kirtan. And so I embarked for India, and began taking two-month trips to Mayapur, West Bengal, a hot spot of Radha-Krishna kirtan. There I studied harmonium, kartals, mridanga and voice with master teachers, absorbing their musical tradition like a sponge. Every evening I joined hundreds of Bengali and international pilgrims in the temple to dance and sing kirtan. I felt how powerfully deep the kirtan community was in Mayapur, how utterly ecstatic the evening kirtans were, and I melted into a desire to carry the spirit I found there back home with me.

      When I returned to California, I founded Kirtan Central, stopped teaching guitar and piano, and began teaching harmonium full time. Jai Uttal invited me to add a beginning harmonium class component to kirtan camp, which I still do and love. I felt a new confidence in the streamlined approach to harmonium that I was teaching, blending together the essential elements from all my Indian and Californian musical guides. My students were thrilled to be receiving the songs and playing styles I'd learned in Mayapur, and soon there was more demand for my private lessons than I could fulfill. I started holding group harmonium workshops, and was soon being invited to do so at yoga studios around the country.

      After honing my approach to beginning harmonium by teaching more than a thousand students, I began filming instructional videos and posting them online for sale. As orders came in from all around the world, I received glowing feedback from grateful chantaholics who had been stuck in the same place I had been initially: with a new harmonium and no idea how to play it!

      Some of them also shared their thoughts about how to make the videos even more effective as a complete self-study program. I took it all to heart, adding more support materials, re-filming the videos with additional close-ups of my hand on the keyboard, and the Bhakti Breakfast Club was born!

      Now, for a small monthly membership fee, you can get access to an entire streaming library of harmonium courses. They cover the very basics, through to playing a wide variety of kirtan songs by musicians like Krishna Das and Jai Uttal, as well as traditional melodies from India. You'll also get access to a variety of additional courses, including guitar and tabla lessons, and bhakti stories.

As a Bhakti Breakfast Club member, you get:

Class videos

Unlimited 24/7 access to our entire library of video-based kirtan music courses, each containing multiple class videos. All in all, probably more harmonium classes than you can take in one lifetime, and lots of close ups of my hand on the harmonium's keyboard, showing you every aspect of playing kirtan songs. Plus, many more courses on other topics like guitar, tabla and bhakti stories.
kirtan music class videos

Kirtan songsheets

Featuring songs from a variety of kirtan recording artists such as Krishna Das, The Kirtaniyas, and Jai Uttal, as well as traditional kirtan songs from India. Each course features a different mantra - one is a "Radhe Govinda," the next a "Hare Krishna," and so on.

Each song course comes with a printable songsheet, while other courses have sheets with exercises and examples.

Support MP3s

Each song you learn in the Bhakti Breakfast Club has an mp3 recording featuring voice and harmonium or guitar, so it's easy to get a feel for the song before you start to work on it.
kirtan song mp3s
harmonium lesson videos

Wide variety of courses

You have instant access to all of the harmonium courses and guitar courses with me, Satsang courses with Jai Uttal, Krishna Das and Shyamdas, tabla courses with Daniel Paul, and Yoga of Voice courses with Gina Salá.


"Kirtan!" by Jai Uttal (digital download)

This is one of my favorite kirtan albums of all time, from one of my favorite kirtan leaders of all time. In the Bhakti Breakfast Club you'll have the opportunity to learn a bunch of the songs from this album, so I am gifting a digital download to each new member to inspire you and fuel your practicing!
Jai Uttal Kirtan! The Art and Practice of Ecstatic Chant

      Many Bhakti Breakfast Club members have commented that they have learned more about playing kirtan in just a couple of months here, than they ever had during multiple years (and thousands of dollars) of classes taught by Classical Indian music teachers. That's because kirtan isn't the same as Classical Indian music! The two are related, but even the most masterful Classical Indian music teachers, who often charge nearly $100 an hour for private lessons, do not themselves sing or teach kirtan songs.

      Other aspiring harmonium players travel to India, or attend a week-long kirtan retreat, spending $1000-$3000 on registration or travel expenses. They arrive home more deeply in love with bhakti and kirtan than ever, but still lacking the tools needed for playing kirtan songs on their own harmonium!

      Even to attend my three-day Beginning Harmonium Intensive at Kripalu Yoga costs $600 for tuition and lodging, plus travel expenses. Those weekend retreats are a lot of fun, but the same progression of material (actually, lots more) is packed into the video lessons in the Bhakti Breakfast Club.

      That's why I'm so excited about this format of sharing harmonium classes with you. It's convenient, it's easy to access, and it enables me to continually add new courses for you as I film them. No travel costs, no expensive hourly fee, no shipping and handling. Just unlimited access to all the harmonium classes you can watch, for $25 a month.

30 Day Guarantee & Cancel anytime

      I so totally believe that our easy-to-follow courses will get you playing kirtan songs very quickly, and will help you to fall in love with your chanting practice, that it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you aren't completely amazed by the quality of your membership, just get in touch within 30 days for a full refund.

      And if you need to cancel your membership after being a member for some time, that is very easy to do. Just send us a message from the support page (or email us), and we will cancel your membership right away.

      So if you'd like to jump-start your music practice and get rockin' on your harmonium, go ahead and click the "join now" button below. Your membership will be activated immediately. Within a couple minutes you'll get an email confirming your membership, and then you can log in as a member, start watching course videos and start adding courses to your personal queue.
      I look forward to supporting your musical-spiritual journey!
While you are moving through the courses in the Bhakti Breakfast Club,
feel free to drop me an email if any questions come up.

Lotsa love,

Daniel Tucker
Founder, Kirtan Central

Join now - Get your Bhakti Rockin!

Unlimited access to all Bhakti Breakfast Club courses - including harmonium lessons, kirtan songs, bhakti stories, guitar, tabla and voice lessons.
Watch hundreds of class videos, download kirtan songsheets and audio tracks, and get monthly bonus albums.
Join thousands of kirtan lovers who are diving deeper into devotion through cultivating a home bhakti practice.
All for $25 a month, charged automatically. Cancel anytime.

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$25 per month

Kind words from Bhakti Breakfast Clubbers

Tricia playing harmonium - Bhakti Breakfast Club testimonial Hi Daniel,
      I just wanted to tell you that I made my kirtan debut on harmonium! Things are moving fast this year!
      Just two months since starting to learn, I got to play for a group that I was assisting at a Kripalu program this weekend. I played the Sita Ram you taught us and I didn't even mess up! Anyway, it's fun to go with the flow of bhaki. Now that I've done that, I feel I can play anywhere.
Thanks for all that you do.
Love and blessings,
Tricia M.
Peter playing harmonium - Bhakti Breakfast Club testimonial Hey Daniel!
      I just watched the Ganesha Sharanam class video, and just wanted to tell you how grateful I am for your teaching.
      First of all, you really radiate love for the music and it's just such a pleasure to bask in your presence. I really can't emphasize that enough! Second of all, you make it so clear... all this stuff that I thought was soooo out of reach is now under my fingers!
Much love to you, my brother in chanting,
Peter O.
Lauren playing harmonium - Bhakti Breakfast Club testimonial Thanks Daniel!
      Thanks for all the resources you are putting out there. I am leading a kirtan once a month here in my little town of Viroqua Wisconsin – and it has been so sweet!
      I followed your advice on purchasing a harmonium and I am very happy with the one I got. I've been teaching myself through your videos since last August.
With love and gratitude,
Lauren H.
Emmet playing harmonium - Bhakti Breakfast Club testimonial Hi Daniel,
      I am having a really great time with my new harmonium. At age 68 and having never played a musical instrument, I am finding many hours of pleasure playing and singing these simple chants, thanks to your videos and breakfast club. I have been teaching yoga for 8 years and started my own practice 22 years ago. I am looking forward to bringing chanting and harmonium to my classes.
Emmet S.
Rosita playing harmonium - Bhakti Breakfast Club testimonial Hi Daniel,
      In Yoga we say: The teacher appears when the student is ready. You appeared in my life, and boy am I ready... Your expert teachings and my hard work are paying off. I'm learning so much about the Harmonium and Indian music vs. Western music. Each time it gets a little easier. The Sargam exercises in all the different scales are fun and make the fingering easy and natural.
      I now understand the inversions and if I listen to your playing I can tell if I'm with you, above or below the base chord. Then after class I practice, practice, and watch the class video many times. Great, great fun.
      To my ear the hardest is to connect the chords to the lyrics – but I do get what you say about playing the individual melody notes in between to bring my voice together with the chord.
      You are an exceptional teacher, making it very easy to understand the music, and also very encouraging to practice. Of course, the work and the practice is now all up to me.
Rosita R.
Jim playing harmonium - Bhakti Breakfast Club testimonial Daniel,
      I just wanted to thank you so much for the great Breakfast Club classes. I really enjoy your teaching style. You have made it fun and easy to understand music. I have struggled with playing the piano for years, and now, playing the harmonium with you, it all is becoming easy and clear. You are a fantastic resource for a beginner like me. So, keep up the great job!
Jim S.
Jacob playing harmonium - Bhakti Breakfast Club testimonial Daniel,
      I'm sure all your students are raving to you about the new site, but just wanted to add to the applause. This is really, really good, Daniel. The videos look great, and, as always, your teaching is clear, useful, and fun. It's clear how much work you've put into this to make it good. Thank you so much.
      I'm holding my second ever kirtan next week. Stoked and nervous! Without your help, these little gatherings of mine could never happen. It is so good to share the love, and bring something that speaks to me so deeply to others who are working to open their hearts, just like me, just like us. So good. Thank you.
Radhe Radhe.
I wish you all the best,
Jacob S.