Harmonium 212

Song: Mahamantra Meltdown

with Daniel Tucker

This is the first major section of "Mahamantra Meltdown," by Krishna Das on his Pilgrim Heart album. It features a classic chord progression: "one six four five."

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Daniel demonstrates the song, and explains what this course will include. (4 min)
watch video 1
An overview of the songsheet's notation. And, tapping out the sargam. (8 min)
watch video 2
Planning the keyboard fingering, playing the melody, and adding drones. (16 min)
watch video 3
Identify the chords in home position, then use inversions to group the chords. (8 min)
watch video 4
A few tips on the arrangement, practicing, and leading of this song as a kirtan. (3 min)
watch video 5