Guitar 101

Intro to Guitar

with Daniel Tucker

This is the first course in the guitar series. Here, Daniel covers all the basics - the parts of the guitar, how to get good tone, tuning your guitar, and a first exercise.

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Explains what this course will cover, and suggests a sequence of courses to follow. (4 min)
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Anatomy class! Find out the name and purpose of each part of your guitar. (9 min)
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How to hold and play your guitar to get solid tone, without buzzing. (12 min)
watch video 3
An essential skill to make sure your guitar is always sounding in sweet harmony. (15 min)
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There's many ways to strum a guitar - here's a glimpse of fingerstyle and picking. (6 min)
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A fret exercise, to develop your tone, finger agility, and two-handed coordination. (9 min)
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Daniel's top tips for how to pick the right guitar for your needs. (11 min)
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