Harmonium 310

Comping styles

with Daniel Tucker

Here are some very fun ways to liven up the rhythm of the chords in the songs you play. Adding one of these comping style to a kirtan gives it a whole new vibe.

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Daniel demonstrates the difference between the comping styles. (7 min)
watch video 1
Learn a simple Hare Krishna kirtan, and play it with sustained chords. (7 min)
watch video 2
Learn to apply the fun synchopated "3+3+2" rhythm to your chords. (14 min)
watch video 3
Bringing a chord in a beat (or half-beat) early makes it all the more funky! (5 min)
watch video 4
A lively, rhythmic way to get your chords dancing. (11 min)
watch video 5
A gentle, soothing playing style built of ascending arpeggios. (12 min)
watch video 6