Yoga of Voice for
Chanters, lesson 2:

Bhakti Resonance

with Gina Salá

Gina Salá shares ways to open into the breath and resonance of the voice, to enhance the ease and pleasure of singing, and to really melt into devotion.

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Types of Yoga in Chanting, and a Ganesha mantra with pronunciation. (15 min)
watch video 1
Wings exercise for breath support while chanting. Jai Hanuman! (12 min)
watch video 2
Intro to vocal resonance, and the "lip bubble" practice. (19 min)
watch video 3
A resonance practice singing the divine names Ma and Narayana. (18 min)
watch video 4
Sing along with Gina's Ma chant, based on the exercises while praising Ma. (8 min)
watch video 5