Guitar 203

Song: Jaya Radha

with Daniel Tucker

Jaya Radha from Jai Uttal's "Kirtan!" album is a lovely song for practicing your minor chords, and for learning Taylor picking - the foundation of fingerstyle.

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Daniel demonstrates the song, and explains what this course will include. (5 min)
watch video 1
Review the chords and see how Daniel is using a capo for this song. (6 min)
watch video 2
Learn to play the song with simple whole note, half note, quarter note strumming. (6 min)
watch video 3
The rhythmic comping pattern "Down Down Up Up Down Up." (9 min)
watch video 4
Alternating arpeggios as a lead-in to Taylor picking. (4 min)
watch video 5
Learn one of the most beautiful, foundational fingerstyle strumming patterns. (19 min)
watch video 6