Harmonium 101

Intro to Harmonium

with Daniel Tucker

This is the first course in the harmonium series. Here, Daniel shows all the parts of the harmonium, how to care for a harmonium, and how to support Oming.

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Explains what this course will cover, and suggests a sequence of courses to follow. (4 min)
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The cardinal rule! And other tips to keep your squeeze box in tip top shape. (7 min)
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A magical tour of the inner workings of a harmonium. And, what do all those buttons do? (14 min)
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Where does the harmonium originally come from, anyways? (4 min)
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How to pump your bellows without the "wa wa" effect. And, good playing posture. (9 min)
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Love to OM? Here's a few variations on droning to support oming. (7 min)
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Tips on how to pick out the right harmonium for you, and recommended stores. (11 min)
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