Guitar 201

Song: Baba Hanuman

with Daniel Tucker

Our first kirtan song on guitar! This is the beloved "Baba Hanuman" song from Krishna Das' classic "Breath of the Heart" album, with multiple strumming patterns.

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Daniel demonstrates the song, and explains what this course will include. (5 min)
watch video 1
Get familiar with the notation on the songsheet, and review the chords. (8 min)
watch video 2
Learn to play the song with simple whole note, half note, quarter note strumming. (12 min)
watch video 3
Ascending arpeggios, and alternating arpeggios - two sweet, gentle ways to strum. (10 min)
watch video 4
The all-important rhythmic "Down Down Up Up Down Up" strumming pattern. (14 min)
watch video 5