Harmonium 111

Further into Sargam

with Daniel Tucker

Take your new sargam skills a bit further, by learning two new sargam music exercises as well as the Ten That Scales of Indian music, the basis for all kirtan melodies.

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This course teaches the remaining aspects of sargam needed before learning songs. (2 min)
watch video 1
The second sargam exercise, "groups of four." Learn it slow, then speed it up! (8 min)
watch video 2
A nice slow, supportive practice session to get comfortable with the new exercise. (3 min)
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The third sargam exercise, "groups of five." Keyboard fingering transfers are added. (8 min)
watch video 4
A gentle, guided close-up practice session for the "groups of five" exercise. (3 min)
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These beautiful scales are the foundation for all kirtan moods and melodies. (22 min)
watch video 6
Daniel's suggestions on how to practice the That scales. (9 min)
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