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Om Guru Om

Devanagari script:

ॐ गुरु ॐ


oṃ guru oṃ



oṃ: The eternal source-sound-vibration of creation.

guru: Whether as a person or as a principle, the Guru is a spiritual teacher who leads you from darkness ("gu") to the light ("ru").

"We can learn lessons from everything if we have sraddha (faith). Everything is the Guru. Absorb that essence from any object, then throw away the rest."  ~ Amma (Mata Amritanandamayi)

"And, Maharaji never encouraged us to be anything other than who we are. Never! Not the slightest bit. He loved us, and loves us, exactly the way we are, right now. We don’t have to change to earn it."  ~ Krishna Das

"When asked what he experienced on meeting Maharajji, one man replied, 'It is not something that can be said. It must be experienced. The love, the affection, the compassion, the grace of knowing him...'"  ~ Miracle of Love

"That's the essence of my relationship with Maharajji: to love him, to open myself to his presence, to surrender to him. That's my bhakti practice, a practice of Guru Kripa. But those qualities of love and openness and surrender are the essence of every bhakti practice. We find some being that draws our heart: it could be Maharajji or Anandamayi Ma, Christ or Krishna, Allah or God. You pick the name. Then we invite that being in. We install that being in our hearts, and we offer ourselves to it: We sing to it, we chant to it, we pray to it, we bring it flowers. We love and we love, and we open and we open. And then we watch, as slowly, slowly, but surely, surely, we love our way into becoming it."  ~ Ram Dass

"You have never met one so lovable, so kind, so sweet. How could you not love him?"  ~ Miracle of Love