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Jai Gurudev / Jai Gurudeva

Devanagari script:

जय् गुरुदेव् ||
जय् गुरुदेव


jai gurudev / jai gurudeva



jai/jaya: Victory to! Celebration of. An emphatic "Hooray God!"

gurudev/gurudeva: Divine Guru. Literally, God ("deva") Guru.

"Victory to the guru, the dispeller of darkness!"  ~ Michael H. Cohen

"Jaya Gurudev literally means 'victory to the guru' or 'victory to the forces of our awakening consciousness.'"  ~ Jo Ann Levitt

"Victory to the Guru, who is God."  ~ Jai Uttal

"Maharajji said, through the repetition of the name, everything is brought to completion. These mantras ripen us. They bring us to completion. They unravel and reveal your own essence. They show you who you are. The music is just the syrup that the medicine is hidden in, that's all. And this (the names) is the medicine!"  ~ Krishna Das

"I honor the wonderful speech of the Guru, which is like a boat that carries one across the limitless ocean of doubt, and whose sounds and meanings are marvelous."  ~ Spanda Karikas