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Om Narayani Om

Devanagari script:

ॐ नारायणी ॐ


oṃ nārāyaṇī oṃ



oṃ: The eternal source-sound-vibration of creation.

nārāyaṇī: A name of the Goddess Lakshmi. "Narayani" is the feminine form of this name, the masculine form "Narayana" refers to her consort Vishnu.

"Dawn and dusk became her eyebrows, the wind god's splendor shaped her ears, and all else born of the other gods' light shone too as the auspicious Devi."  ~ Devi Mahatmya

"Because it is Shakti that has created the illusion of separation, Shakti has to free us from it. It doesn't matter how much we understand intellectually that the world is made of a single energy. To experience it directly, to know it for certain, we need the grace of the one from whose energy it is made... The same Shakti who binds us by trapping us in the delusion of separation also liberates us from it."  ~ Sally Kempton

"Slokas 8 to 25 of Chapter 11 of Devi Mahathmyam is called The Narayani Sthuthi (Prayer to Narayani). Narayani denotes the innate power behind ultimate god. It also means 'she who provides the basis for all living things.'"  ~ Hindupedia

"These names, to me, are – they are, they carry – the soul of God. They carry the essence of love. These mantras come from a deeper place than the mind. They're not conceptual. They have a meaning that's revealed from within. As you repeat them, over and over."  ~ Krishna Das