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Radhe, Radhe, Radhe Govinda

Devanagari script:

राधे राधे राधे गोविन्द


rādhe rādhe rādhe govinda



rādhe: Radha is the beloved of Krishna, the embodiment of spiritual love and the Goddess of the universe. Radhe is the addressive case, meaning "O Radha!" or "Hey Radha!"

govinda: A name for the youthful Krishna. Literally, the lord of the cows ("go").

"Radha is the transformation of Krishna's love. She is his personal energy, who brings joy to him and his devotees. The essence of this joy is love of God, and the essence of that love is transcendental emotion, known as bhava. This culminates in the ultimate stage of divine love known as maha-bhava. Radha is the embodiment of maha-bhava. She is the repository of all good qualities and the crest jewel of all Krishna's energies."  ~ Chaitanya Charitamrita

"Singing to Radha, we become Radha, the Goddess, the most intimate companion of lord Krishna, the manifestation of divine love... We meet our beloved late at night in the grove of our heart, and we lose ourselves in that meeting. Radhe Radhe."  ~ Jai Uttal

"The repetition of the name is going to bring great benefit to people, to each person who is doing it, sooner or later, somehow. So it should be repeated as much as possible by anybody at any time. No limit. Driving, sleeping, making love, in the shower, in the bathroom. [laughing] Any time you can! Any time it comes to mind is the time to do it because that's the name surfacing from within."  ~ Krishna Das

"Who could cease to tell of that
quintessence of erotic mood
Save one, speechless utterly
with ecstasy."  ~ Rupa (Vidagdhamadhava)