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Bolo Radha Ramana Hari Bol

Devanagari script:

बोलो राधा रमण हरि बोल्


bolo rādhā ramaṇa hari bol



bolo/bol: A hindi word meaning "speak" or "sing."

rādhā: Beloved of Krishna, embodiment of spiritual love, and the Goddess of the universe.

rādhā ramaṇa: A name of Krishna, meaning the one who delights in Radha.

hari: A name of Vishnu. Literally "the remover," as in the One who removes all suffering and all veils of ignorance.

"Bolo: speak it, chant it, relish it. Praise the one who delights Radha. As soon as you remember Them everything else is forgotten. When you become attached to God everything unrelated is forgotten. The path of devotion is effortless. Let's face it, being addicted to God is much easier and more fun that trying to focus on the abstract Infinite. Jay Radhe!"  ~ Shyamdas

"O Thou Lord and master of our souls! Ordain that, however many births we might have, we shall be endowed with devotion to Your feet. Salutations to that Supreme Hari, by chanting whose name alone we are freed from all sins and by prostrating to whom alone we are saved from all misery."  ~ Shrimad Bhagavatam

"O friends of God, look carefully at any traditional icon of Lord Krishna. His countenance is delicately feminine – without any trace of course sensuality, without any sharp edge of masculine energy. He enchants the hearts of men and women equally. Is Lord Krishna really dark blue? Gaze directly into his eyes. You will experience only brightness."  ~ Ramakrishna