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Om Namo Narayana / Om Namo Narayanaya

Devanagari script:

ॐ नमो नारायण ||
ॐ नमो नारायणाय


oṃ namo nārāyaṇa / oṃ namo nārāyaṇāya



oṃ: The eternal source-sound-vibration of creation.

namo: (Same as "namaha") To honor or solute. "All glory to..."

nārāyaṇa: A name of Vishnu, Supreme God, as the preserver of the universe. Or, as the 'resting place for all living beings' ("nara" meaning living beings, or jivas).

nārāyaṇāya: Addressive case meaning "to Narayana," as in "Om, glory to Narayana."

"I offer homage to you, O master of all the gods! O Sri Vishnu, O supremely powerful one, you are the original conscious being. You are beyond the material qualities, and yet you possess all the eternal virtues."  ~ traditional prayer

"Salutations to Thee, O Master Yogi! Thou art the One who confers the fruits of striving on all yogis. Bless me, Thy servant who has no other refuge, that I may have constant and unswerving attachment for Thy lotus feet."  ~ Shrimad Bhagavatam

"Narayana is the Supreme Being in Vaishnavism, also called Vishnu and Hari, and venerated as Purushottama (Supreme Spirit) in Hindu sacred texts such as the Bhagavad Gita, the Vedas and the Puranas. Narayana is the name of God in his infinite all pervading form. The fifth verse of the Narayana Sukta states that Narayana pervades whatever is seen or heard in this universe from inside and outside alike."  ~ wikipedia