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Dear Chanters,

     Like you, I love singing and listening to kirtan. While the Bhakti Breakfast Club website presents exclusively kirtan-related courses, in my personal life I listen to all kinds of music, and I bet you do too!

     Sometimes I want to listen to kirtan albums, to remember the divine names and let their energy permeate me. Other times, I want to listen to songs with english lyrics that wrap me up in a feeling. When I was in West Bengal, India, I encountered the Bauls, nomadic musicians who sing romantic songs with hidden meanings. At first glance, their songs are love songs, not so different from love songs on the radio. But listening deeper, it's clear that they are singing of a spiritual love, addressing God in a most intimate way, as a personal beloved. It is... profoundly appealing, and while it might not make sense to my rational mind, somewhere inside I crave this love affair with God.

     Like a musical note rich with overtones, these songs evoke multiple levels. Since the Bauls got me “listening" for that other meaning, I've carried that listening into pop, soul, funk, jazz, any music at all! Many songs can have that deeper resonance. Maybe the songwriter was a mystic, a lover of God, or maybe the sincerity of their songwriting about human love magically works on the bhakti level as well.

     So, with this series of playlists, I'll be sharing with you a mixture of my favorite kirtan music along with songs from other genres that evoke bhakti indirectly, deepening the devotional mood if somewhere within us we're thinking of God as we listen. Each playlist will center around a different theme, or particular divine name, or a favorite musical genre...

I hope you enjoy these! They've been really fun to put together for you.
Lotsa love,

Daniel Tucker
founder of the Bhakti Breakfast Club,
lover of the Source of Music

Featured Playlist:

vol. 2: Makes His Puppets Dance

I don't feel like dancing.
I don't feel like dancing.
I don't feel like dancing.
[... Puts on the Vol. 2 playlist ...]
Hmm, suddenly I find myself dancing.
Now there's a strange smile on my face.
My hips, what? are they doing?
[... MC Yogi's "Krishna Love" kicks in ...]
Now I'm dancing in front of Krishna's altar, and it's carrying me away into joyous reflection. What more could I want?
Hari Katha, with a funky beat. Remembering God.
All those mental tricks I use to forget God all day, they fall away when the dancing gets good!
For years I had this sweet Govinda murti from Mayapur sitting on an altar in my studio, not getting much attention. Somehow once I got a stereo for our living room, he decided to come be stationed in the living room too. Now his eyes shine brightly and his miniature form shines with the mirror of presence as I dance before him, talk with him, play music for him...
A thought occurs to me: What if I did all this spiritual practice, but never got enlightened, I just danced more. Worth it?
Heck yeah. Worth it. So? Start dancing! What are you waiting for?? Lose yourself to dance.

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