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learn to play harmonium   Deepen your relationship to the divine through a home chanting practice.
learn to play kirtan songs   Learn to play your favorite kirtan songs on harmonium, guitar, and tabla.
online harmonium class videos   Get unlimited access to over 250 kirtan course videos, available 24/7 from the comfort of your own home.
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Meet your Bhakti Breakfast Club teachers:

84 courses and growing! A few favorites:

Get cozy and enjoy two hours of delicious satsang with soulful kirtan wallah Krishna Das, as he invites us into the heart of the practice of singing kirtan.

— 4 lesson videos with Krishna Das

Listen to master storyteller and kirtan singer Jai Uttal tell the spiritual epic Ramayana, the story of Sita, Ram and Hanuman, in his heartfelt and very entertaining style.

— 2 lesson videos with Jai Uttal

This is the first course in the harmonium series. Here, Daniel shows all the parts of the harmonium, how to care for a harmonium, and how to support Oming.

— 6 lesson videos with Daniel Tucker

A crucial guide to playing major and minor chords on harmonium. Daniel also shows how to use chord inversions to place your chords in the best spot on the keyboard.

— 5 lesson videos with Daniel Tucker

The beloved "Baba Hanuman" kirtan song from Krishna Das' classic "Breath of the Heart" album. Learn to play it in melody and chord styles.

— 5 lesson videos with Daniel Tucker

Lifelong chanter Gina Salá shares tips and techniques for opening and freeing your singing voice, your luscious instrument of direct connection with the divine.

— 5 lesson videos with Gina Salá

Our first kirtan song using a bar chord - "Ma Durga" by Krishna Das! Do the Guitar 112 course first, to learn the basics of bar chords.

— 7 lesson videos with Daniel Tucker

Tabla maestro Daniel Paul introduces some basic "Tala" rhythm exercises from Indian Classical music, fun and helpful for singers and drummers alike.

— 2 lesson videos with Daniel Paul

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