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This is the first course in the harmonium series. Here, Daniel shows all the parts of the harmonium, how to care for a harmonium, and how to support Oming.

— 7 lesson videos with Daniel Tucker

Get introduced to Sargam, the musical language of India. Daniel also covers keyboard fingering and introduces the first Sargam exercise, "groups of three."

— 6 lesson videos with Daniel Tucker

A crucial guide to playing major and minor chords on harmonium. Daniel also shows how to use chord inversions to place your chords in the best spot on the keyboard.

— 5 lesson videos with Daniel Tucker

Our first kirtan song! Here you'll get to apply the sargam and chords you learned in Harmonium 110, 111, and 120, to the traditional kirtan "Anandamayi Ma."

— 5 lesson videos with Daniel Tucker

The beloved "Baba Hanuman" kirtan song from Krishna Das' classic "Breath of the Heart" album. Learn to play it in melody and chord styles.

— 5 lesson videos with Daniel Tucker

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