Guitar 206

Song: Ma Durga

with Daniel Tucker

Our first kirtan song using a bar chord - "Ma Durga" by Krishna Das! Do the Guitar 112 course first, to learn the basics of bar chords.

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Daniel demonstrates the song, and explains what this course will include. (4 min)
watch video 1
Get familiar with the notation on the songsheet, and review the chords. (4 min)
watch video 2
Learn to play the song with simple half note and quarter note strumming. (5 min)
watch video 3
The rhythmic comping pattern "Down Down Up Up Down Up." (6 min)
watch video 4
A new slight variation on the fingerstyle Taylor picking pattern. (6 min)
watch video 5
A longer rhythmic strumming pattern, especially for slower tempos. (8 min)
watch video 6
This later section of the kirtan is "in three," requiring a new strumming pattern. (9 min)
watch video 7